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Winston Churchill





Winston Churchill was born 30.11.1874 v 01:30 AM  in Castle Bleinheim,  Woodstock, Oxfordshire





He was born at night, but he was not cocooned introvert. 

He was extremely bold - Mars conjunction Jupiter in 1. house of his radix.  He was the only

one, who recognized what Hitler was and fought against the policy of Appeasment.


The channel of  Inspiration - 8 - 1 


Productive thinking type, who ohten sees and plans far ahead. 

He was not ashamed to cry.  - the Sentimental Type. 





 Famous people with a similar type of Thinking 





His Life very well described by Andrew Roberts in the book  Churchill -  Walking with Destiny


. A Patriot, devoted to the Empire. Emotions powered by the Tribal channel 40 - 37