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Albert Einstein





Astrology describes the position of planets at birth, the constraints into vwich a person is born, within which he can exercise his free will. His Life direction, emotional balance, ability to partner relationships, potential fo various diseases, 





The chakra profile shows the power of individual chakras and the power of vital


energy.  With a Productive type of Thinking his horizon of Thought is several


Centuries. People with this type of Thinking are not interested in immediate financial









Similar People with Productive Type thinking:








The neutrino weather shows more details.








Albert Einstein was a sharing man, with 8 collective out of the 20 activated gates,


but still dominate the 8 gates of individual circuit,


Fully open Head center: I don.t know what is interesting. 


He must concentrate only on a few topics in which he can attain deep wisdom. 


Einstein appeared to have Asperger.s syndrome. 


Spleen without sleeping gates.  "I don't know what to worry about"



Genetic Trauma Design Mars in line 1 - Trauma supression - gives the Great


potential for creativity.









His Life Theme is to delve deeply into the full array of emotional experiences, carrying with his throughout his life the light that accompanied his at birth. In his heart he hold a memory of how life can be so full of love, yet in his reality he was  constantly challenged by a less-than-perfect and sometimes harsh world. Painful childhood experiences where people shocked he with their lack of integrity have left you with a hunger to return to a place of wholeness and love. He may seek this love through emotional and sexual intimacy with others, only to be disappointed that these are but temporal experiences that do not fulfill the longing in his soul.


So deep is the longing in his  soul that you can take on a lifetime’s journey to find his way back to “the Garden” and that place of love, light, and intelligence his sense exists on some level. His search might take he on travels, into and out of relationships, through career changes and living situations, and into all manner of life experiences until his finally discover that this wonderland you so earnestly seek is, and always has been, inside himself. When he come to that realization and find a place of deep peace within himself, he have returned to “Eden,” and from there he  can share his light and joy with others.



With his Conscious Sun in Gate 36,  live on the edge of the chaos called “life on Earth.” He whole life journey is an ongoing search for the light that he know in his heart exists, somewhere, if he can only locate it. He are often confronted with gloomy scenarios that need his full attention and a great willingness to get through them. 


/ Chetan Parkyn /